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Sell Side - Capital raising and company divestments

Schwartz Investment House specializes in providing customized comprehensive solutions for all stages and for all of the complexities involved in raising capital, whether the task is straightforward capital raising, the addition of a strategic or financial partner or a full sale of a business

Sales of companies

Our clients rely on our vast experience to advise them when they want to sell businesses (annual turnover exceeding USD 10 million).

Every transaction begins by analyzing and understanding the business being sold (since we target the most viable potential buyers by understanding what we are selling) and by valuating the business (since we obtain the best price for you by understanding precisely how much it is worth).

One of our senior partners works closely with you in order to maximize the value of the business being sold.

You can rely on Schwartz Investment House to:

  • Conduct a discrete and well organized sale process
  • Generate competition among potential buyers/investors
  • Design the optimal transaction structure that is attractive for both sides
  • Take the helm and steer the process, while resolving problems that might spring up along the way.
  • Conduct prudent and fair negotiations, due to our deep understanding of the business being sold, the macro-economic factors and the interests and considerations of the potential buyer.

As a client of Schwartz Investment House, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we will devote all of our collective expertise and experience to your objective, you will avoid the many pitfalls that you are liable to encounter by yourself or with less experienced or less committed firms, such as:

  • Unrealistic expectations regarding the price for your company relative to the pricing of the company on the market
  • Misunderstandings and miscommunications between the parties to the transaction
  • Inadequate presentation of the benefits of the transaction to potential buyers
  • Incorrect valuation and pricing of the company’s potential for future projects
  • Incorrect or inefficient targeting of potential investors or approaching the wrong officers at the right investor
  • Incorrect or poor management of the process
  • The absence of a dedicated team who will tenaciously drive the long transaction process forward, especially considering that the transaction adds an additional burden to managers in your own company outside of the ordinary course of business
  • Questionable findings during due diligence processes, which give rise to uncertainties and concerns on the part of the buyer
  • Too many consultants and opinions, coupled with differing interests and conflicting agendas and the absence of experts who can orchestrate and seamlessly guide the process.
  • Exogenous factors that come into play during the transaction process and insufficient know-how to successfully contend with them (market volatility, geopolitical factors, etc.).

Stages in raising capital/adding a partner/selling a business


Stage 1: Understanding the needs of the company and its owners

During the initial stage of our involvement in our clients’ transactions, we conduct intensive meetings to gain insight as to the correct direction for the company and/or its owners:

  • What are the needs/challenges facing the company?
  • What are the owners’ needs/objectives?
  • Why does capital need to be raised?
  • What alternatives for capital raising are available to the company/owners?
  • Capital or debt raising? Private or public? Noncontrolling or controlling interests? Money in or out? Financial or strategic partner?

Our deliverables in stage 1 are the design of the optimal process for the client, according to its specific needs, its internal considerations and the external circumstances, such as the prevailing situation on the market.


Stage 2: Understanding the company and its operative market

We conduct a thorough analysis of the company, including a financial analysis of its assets and liabilities, its operations, the value chain, its customers, the demand for the products/services that it supplies, the profit margins that it generates, its costs structure, fixed and variable expenses, direct and indirect competition, market entry barriers and trends in its operative market.

At Schwartz Investment House, we take the time and effort to gain a profound understanding of the company and the challenges it faces in order to ensure that we are providing you with professional sound advice throughout the transaction process.


Stage 3: Company valuation

We analyze the company’s financial results and build an economic model for our valuation of the company, and apply generally accepted international valuation methodologies, such as discounted cash flows of future projects, comparative analyses of multipliers of similar companies in Israel and internationally, and analyses of the enterprise value of similar transactions executed in the relevant industry.

Through our membership in the international network Terra Corporate Finance Alliance, we have access to information and data bases on transactions and multipliers throughout the world, which enables us to calculate the most up-to-date and accurate valuation and present a convincing broad picture to potential investors.


Stage 4: Preparation of the transaction materials

During this stage, we prepare the documents that clearly, accurately and persuasively present the relevant information about the company and the proposed transaction to potential investors, including an executive summary, presentation, summary of key financial data, proposal to investors and more.


Stage 5: Search for potential investors

Once the groundwork for the process has been completed and the proposed transaction has been drafted, we begin the stage of searching, analyzing and preparing a list of potential investors/partners. Our investor relations are expansive and encompass the private equity sector, institutional investors, private investment firms and private investors in Israel and abroad.

As a client of Schwartz Investment House, you gain the tremendous advantage of our ability to expose your business to potential investors throughout the world – foreign companies seeking strategic acquisitions in their sphere of operations in Israel, international private equity funds, private investors – through our membership in the international network, Terra Corporate Finance Alliance.

Unlike other networks of accounting firms or capital market entities that also engage in M&A transactions, Terra is a professional network of investment banks that specialize solely in advisory services for mergers and acquisitions.

We present you with our list of potential investors who, in our opinion, are the best candidates for investing in the company, and you authorize us in advance to communicate with a potential investor. We place special emphasis on ensuring that every action is done with maximum discretion.


Stage 6: Contacting potential investors and company presentation

We take responsibility for the entire communications process with potential investors:

  • Initial, confidential communication with decision-makers at potential investors, either via telephone or by sending a teaser (marketing material that does not disclose our client’s identifying particulars).
  • We take responsibility for safeguarding confidentiality and obtain the potential investor’s signature on a letter of confidentiality and for the subsequent forwarding of relevant materials about the transaction.
  • We present the company and the transaction to potential investors who express interest in the transaction.

Stage 7: Conducting negotiations and drafting the transaction

  • We take charge of the series of meetings with the potential investors, and conduct negotiations on the transaction terms and conditions.
  • We also manage the due diligence process for you, assist you with the forwarding of information, with coordinating among all parties involved (lawyers, accountants, economists), and take responsibility for meeting timetables and resolving problems that might arise during the due diligence process.
  • We take a pivotal role in the negotiations and work in conjunction with your lawyers until the agreement is finalized and signed.
  • We also provide assistance in obtaining requisite approvals for the transaction (Antitrust Commissioner, bank approvals, franchisers, etc.).